The government has taken action by purchasing $85 billion in 10 year bonds each month with the intent of keeping interest rates low. This was a program that began in 2009 called Quantitative Easing.  We know that buyers could get lower interest rates that made purchasing a home more affordable.  Also, current owners of homes could refinance with lower monthly payments.

Interest rates have risen from mid 3’s to low 4’s.  The interest rates have been at historic lows and continue to be low.  It is a great time to purchase a home and to refinance (if you haven’t already taken advantage of the historic low interest rates).

If you are considering buying a home, a second home or an investment property, please contact Donna Gola 425-750-7707.  I will work hard to find the home you are looking for and refer you to a great lender, who can find the best interest rate you can qualify for in your purchase.

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