National Open House Weekend April 20-21, 2013

Advertised by the National Association of Realtors, April 20-21 will be the busiest national open house weekend of the year. To prepare your home for the open house, please implement the following:
*Book a reservation at a kennel or plan to take your pet out of the home. Put away all pet dishes and supplies.
*De-clutter your home, including putting all bathroom toiletries in a plastic container under the sink in a cupboard and pack away all personal photographs.
*Book a cleaning service for a couple of days prior to open house.
*Put fluffy white towels in the bathrooms on the day of the open house to create a spa-like feel.
*Make sure the furnace has an up-to-date sticker that it has been recently cleaned and serviced.
*Get a new doormat.
*Put a bowl of apples or lemons on the counter or kitchen table.
*leave the house before the time it starts.

These will greatly assist your agent in presenting the home to potential buyers.

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